A European is surprised by how easy it is to get a driver’s license in Mexico: ‘I wish that existed in France


Content creator Aurélie Garzonio explained that one of her goals is to obtain a Mexican driving permit to take her pet to the beach.

In Mexico, getting a driving permit is an easy process that can vary significantly between different states of the country, as each has its own requirements and procedures for issuing driving licenses.

As an example, a French woman went viral on TikTok after discovering the simple process in Mexico to obtain a driving permit, showcasing how much more difficult it is to obtain one in her country.

Influencer Aurélie Garzonio commented in a video that she fulfilled one of her life’s dreams by getting a driving permit in Mexico, as her pet is in its final years and she longs to take it to the Mexican beaches.

However, she was greatly surprised when she went to the offices of the Mobility Secretariat of Mexico City and paid for her license instead of taking a test.

“I am very happy because this year I am decreeing, I am going to buy my car and I am going to take my pet to see the sea. It makes me sensitive because it is already old and the truth is that is my reason for having obtained my driving license,” she highlighted.

“But leaving aside the tears, there is something that caught my attention, and that is that in France, to get your driving license, you have to go through a thousand tests, I mean there are many tests that one has to do like a theoretical and practical exam,” she commented.

The Frenchwoman explains the rigorous tests required in her country to be able to drive She also highlighted that in France there are very rigorous tests for a person to be behind the wheel, and one of them is that a learner has to complete 10,000 hours of driving under the supervision of their parents or a family member.

“At 16, the teacher traumatized me because he showed me photos and videos of people killed in a car accident and I no longer wanted to learn. In addition, there are many tests like driving 10,000 meters under the supervision of your parents,” she recounted. “But in Mexico, it is not like that, because I made my payment for the driving test and I realize that it is not like that. They don’t ask you for anything, I wish it were like that in France, but it caught my attention that before they give you your license on the computer screen, they ask you if you don’t want a driving course and there you answer no. And that’s it, you already have your driving license,” she concluded.

Source: Infobae