Mexico: These are the most expensive states to buy a house


In January, the real estate platform Lamudi shared a report on the panorama of home buying and renting in Mexico. This report includes two particularly striking sections for those looking for a place to live: the average sale price per square meter and the average monthly rent in different parts of the Mexican Republic.

Which states have the most expensive housing?

According to Lamudi’s 2023 Real Estate Report, Nuevo León, Nayarit, and Jalisco have the highest sale prices per square meter for “apartments with two or three bedrooms.”

The figure starts in the northern zone at 52,567 Mexican pesos; in Nayarit, the amount drops to an average of 45,622 pesos, and in Jalisco, it remains at 43,173 pesos.

Mexico City is in fifth place, according to this report. In the country’s capital, the average sale price per square meter is 39,372 Mexican pesos. Meanwhile, the State of Mexico took the eighth spot (31,970 pesos).

Furthermore, it was revealed that the state with the lowest average sale price is Tlaxcala, where the figure per square meter reaches 10,707 pesos.

In which states is rent more expensive?

Baja California Sur leads this list. According to Lamudi, the average rent for “apartments with two or three bedrooms” in the mentioned territory is 26,715 pesos. Nuevo León is in second place with 26,535 pesos, and Mexico City completes the podium (25,615 pesos).

As for the State of Mexico, it ranked tenth with an average monthly rent of around 16,357 Mexican pesos.

Tlaxcala repeats as the cheapest. Lamudi reveals that in this territory, the average rent for a home is 4,700 Mexican pesos per month.

 Source: Medio Tiempo