Is it MANDATORY to leave a tip in restaurants? This is what Profeco says


Profeco reveals that there is no law regulating how much a tip should be.

Don’t feel bad for not leaving a tip in restaurants; there is no rule indicating that as a consumer you must do so. According to the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), it is not mandatory to leave a tip in restaurants, bars, tourist services, and hotels.

Normally in Mexico, when a customer goes to eat somewhere, they give a tip to the waiters as a thank you for their attention and services. This Mexican custom is associated with simply being an educated and grateful person, so the person who does not leave a monetary gratuity is considered rude, even stingy, without considering their economic condition or the quality of service provided.

In fact, a “social rule” has been established for the percentage that should be given to the service provider according to the total of one’s own consumption; this rate varies between 10 percent and 20 percent of the bill to be paid. In some food establishments, it is very common to add the percentage to the bill.

But according to Profeco, “The tip is voluntary and cannot be included in the bill without your consent,” so you decide when to do it and how much to give, as there is no law regulating how much a tip should be.

What do I do if they add it to the bill?

Article 10 of the Federal Consumer Law states that “Providers may not apply coercive and unfair commercial methods or practices, nor abusive or imposed clauses or conditions in the supply of products or services,” so they cannot force you to pay it within the bill.

Profeco always recommends checking the bill, and if there is any charge that is not recognized, ask the manager or at the cashier what the imposed amount is about. Since making a charge without authorization is considered an abusive commercial practice, and in that case, you can report the establishment through Profeco’s website or contact them through their official social networks of X, formerly Twitter, and Facebook.

Source: Milenio