The Eclipse Got Weird: Video Enthusiast Sends Recording of Private Parts to TV


While some people enjoyed the beauty of the astronomical event on April 8, 2024, others ended up seeing too much. And yes, the Eclipse got weird: Video enthusiast sends recording of private parts to TV.

It all happened during the broadcast of the “24/7” news program on the RCG Media channel, where while the hosts were showing some videos from viewers, one slipped through that caught attention.

“Durango, Gómez Palacio, Lerdo, Nazas, Torreón, Monclova, Muzquiz, municipality of Coahuila,” said the host of the midday news edition.

However, the screen exposed the image of a person’s testicles who pretended to be recording the solar eclipse, revealing their privacy.

The two news presenters were surprised to see the image and made a gesture of surprise upon seeing the images on screen; therefore, the production immediately removed the images.

With the intention of diverting attention, the man in front of the news program indicated that “they were sent a video by a video enthusiast” and mentioned that people were working “at full speed” due to the large amount of material.

“Hahaha thanks to the person in charge of reviewing the videos before airing them, for not checking that ‘amateur video’,” wrote MemeYamel on Twitter.

“Somebody lost their job,” “the eclipse was hair-raising,” “Even NASA had an official transmission, why take cameras from there HAHAHAHAHAHA.” “And that happened today?? Because if so, I can’t believe it, that someone in production couldn’t check it haha,” commented on social networks.

Source: Radio Formula