What does the Oxxo logo mean? Learn its history


The evolution of the Oxxo logo is emblematic of how the brand has established itself as a benchmark in Mexican commercial culture.

 Oxxo, one of the most recognized convenience store chains in Mexico, has left an indelible mark on the country’s commercial culture. Its iconic logo is more than a simple image; it holds a deep meaning and a fascinating history that has evolved along with the brand.

What does the Oxxo symbol mean?

The Oxxo symbol is a stylized representation of an “X” followed by two circles. This emblematic figure symbolizes the speed, efficiency, and accessibility that characterize Oxxo stores, offering a convenient shopping experience for millions of customers in Mexico and beyond.

According to Oxxo’s official page, its original logo evokes a shopping cart. Initially, there were carts like in the image. It is important to note that the OXXO logo has evolved three times, just like the facades of its stores. It was in 1978 when OXXO opened its first store in Monterrey, and it was created by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc.

What is the origin of Oxxo stores?

Oxxo has its roots in Monterrey, Mexico, where it opened its first store in 1978. Later, they expanded to states such as Chihuahua, and cities like Hermosillo and Nuevo Laredo. Since then, it has grown exponentially to become the leading convenience store chain in the country. Its constant expansion has been based on the premise of providing quality basic products and services conveniently for its customers.

What does the word Oxxo mean?

The name OXXO comes from the % (percentage) symbol that was used in advertising, and from there, thanks to the people, the name OXXO was born, the store claims on its website.

What is Oxxo’s motto?

Oxxo’s motto in Mexico is “Around the corner of your life.” The slogan refers to the location of Oxxo stores, which are found in almost every corner of the country.

On the other hand, in Chile, Colombia, and Peru, countries where Oxxo is also present, they have the motto: “That easy.” It is a phrase that stands out for the simplicity and convenience of shopping there, where you can find everything, you need in one place.

Who designed the Oxxo logo?

The design of the Oxxo logo was created by an internal team of the company, whose purpose was to generate an image that captured the essence of the brand and conveyed its fundamental values of efficiency, accessibility, and reliability.

What shape does the Oxxo logo have?

The Oxxo logo is mainly composed of a stylized “x” followed by two circles, creating a distinctive and recognizable figure that has become an omnipresent symbol in Mexican communities. It is a simple but impactful design that reflects the company’s philosophy of providing quick and efficient solutions to the everyday needs of its consumers.

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