Even Beers! 50 Thousand Pesos in Cash Found During Inspection of a Patrol Car in CDMX


During an inspection, CDMX authorities found 50 thousand pesos in cash, an illegal gun, and even beers inside a patrol car.

50 Thousand Pesos in Cash Found During Inspection of a Patrol Car in CDMX This Thursday, April 4th, a peculiar loot was discovered during an inspection of a patrol car at the Pradera base of the capital’s police, in the Gustavo A. Madero borough of Mexico City (CDMX).

According to initial reports, agents located 50 thousand pesos inside a fanny pack and an unofficial 9 mm caliber pistol, along with 8 live cartridges, as well as several cans of beer.

CDMX Prosecutor’s Office Reported that the Illegal Gun and Money Were in the Patrol Car During the inspection, Hugo Daniel Herrera López, operator of the Pradera sector, was present; however, it is unknown if the officers assigned to that patrol car were detained.

The events were reported to the capital’s Justice Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of illegal possession of a firearm and concealment by reception.

Commanders Resign Over Harassment Allegations Similarly, this Thursday, April 4th, Óscar Mayén, director of the Metropolitan Task Force Unit of the SSC, and the deputy director Ricardo Rosales, resigned from their positions. This followed protests that were held to denounce them for workplace harassment, abuse, and mistreatment.

The closures began at 05:00 hours when about 30 police officers closed some of the most important avenues in the east of CDMX. For several hours, the protesting officers requested that the head of the SSC, Pablo Vázquez Camacho, take action on the matter.

Among the complaints were:

  • Use of shouting and obscenities
  • Attempts to humiliate staff
  • Unjustified changes in work schedules
  • Threats of reassignment
  • Disrespect for entry or exit times
  • Failure to deliver course completion certificates
  • Being forced to stand at the rear of the patrol car, exposing them to an accident

The police carried out blockades on the avenues Periférico Oriente, Tláhuac, and Canal de Chalco, which were the most affected. Finally, the SSC’s Internal Affairs reported that it opened investigation files to determine if there were acts of workplace harassment and mistreatment by the police commanders.

Source: TV Azteca