Mexico will give more than 11 thousand pesos and employment to each deported Venezuelan.


The government of Mexico gives 110 dollars every 30 days, for six months, to Venezuelan migrants who are sent back to their country of origin, informed Chancellor Alicia Bárcena. In total, each Venezuelan receives about 11,047 pesos at the current exchange rate.

The head of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that, within the framework of the “Return to the Homeland” program, deported migrants are also integrated into a company to prevent them from leaving their country again to try to reach the United States.

“We have just signed an agreement with President Nicolás Maduro called Return to the Homeland, we are sending Venezuelans back to their country because we really cannot handle these numbers, but the president has instructed us that each migrant we return to Venezuela has support like the one given here from Youth Building the Future, Sowing Life; we already have an amount that we are giving them.”

She added that they are given a card to join a program that is not strictly the ones applied in Mexico, “but it is a welfare program and what we are doing are pacts with companies, we already have an agreement with Polar, with PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela SA), with Mexican companies Bimbo, Femsa so that they receive them, give them employment, we give them six months of a stipend, it is about 110 dollars a month and it is wonderful for them and there is an incentive for them to return.”

The federal official indicated that they have managed to repatriate a very significant number of Venezuelans, which they do every week with the support of the Ministry of the Interior.

The return is also made to Guatemala, Honduras and now they are looking for an agreement with Colombia, because it is another nationality that has increased a lot, in addition to Ecuador to be able to return them to their countries with these programs.

“This is a project to support the returnees so they do not migrate again, they stay there, that we can help them. We have also made a pact with 50 Mexican companies in Mexico that will give us 10,000 jobs for the migrants who are staying in Mexico,” said the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, for Oaxaca and Chiapas, the government is rebuilding a shelter in Huixtla so that migrants are not on the streets and are offered employment opportunities, social security, and humanitarian support.”

Source: Proceso