Foreign Model Complains About Organilleros in Mexico and Asks Not to Give Them Money


 “Giving money to these people is like telling them it’s okay to keep polluting with their noise,” expressed the foreign model against the organilleros.

Organilleros are known as street musicians who play music through an automaton instrument, consisting of a portable pipe organ and a mechanical clockwork system.

Listening to the music of the organilleros on the streets of Mexico is part of the country’s culture. Porfirio Díaz brought it for a party, then they were taken to the battalions in the Mexican Revolution.

They play themes like Cielito Lindo, 100 años, Volver volver, Las Mañanitas and other popular melodies in the country.

Woman Complains About Organ Grinders

Through a video recovered and shared on the account of X @Ferbustos, the moment when a foreign model, identified as Breanna Claye, issued value judgments against Mexican organilleros was made known.

The young American model, who resides in Mexico City, asked people not to give money to the organilleros because, in her words, “they pollute with their noise.”

“Giving money to these people is like telling them it’s okay to keep polluting with their noise, and it doesn’t even sound good,” reads a story she shared on Instagram. She added that the sound emitted by the organilleros seems to her “the most annoying noise in Mexico,” and while making expressions of displeasure, she said: “I can’t stand these people who make noise with their music box and their horrible noises.”

Social Networks Explode Against the Foreigner

After she uploaded her way of thinking to social networks, internet users did not wait and began to attack her with messages to defend the musicians.

As a result, the model shared an Instagram story where it could be observed that an internet user wrote to her “go back to your country.” She did not remain silent and responded with a forceful message: “Living as an American outside the states has made me understand that everyone can have an opinion except you.”

“Ignorance and obsession mixed all in one. People can criticize the United States, but as an American, you can’t point out anything, you can’t have an opinion or anything like that,” added Breanna. Confident in her stance, the young foreigner reiterated that the organilleros make annoying noises.

“I do not retract what I said yesterday about that damn music box. It still sounds bad. But it’s funny that a bunch of Mexicans tell me to go back to my country. The same thing they hate when it’s said to them. I find the hypocrisy funny and pathetic at best,” she wrote.

Another internet user shared a screenshot of the foreign model, taken on March 28, 2010, where she showed her displeasure with people born in Mexico, claiming “all Mexicans are pigs.”

“They have no papers, they are short, ugly, they don’t speak English,” reads the woman’s publication.

Source: Milenio