Trends, opportunities and challenges in residential developments


Efficiency in construction and attention to the needs of the modern buyer are key in the evolution of the real estate market, without forgetting that investment opportunities are attractive with the appropriate advice.

Developers must be aware of the current demands and preferences of buyers.

In the world of residential Real Estate, the current trend points to a shared and collaborative approach, where amenities are the heart of the residential experience. Alejandro Blé, Marketing Manager of Coldwell Banker Mexico also highlighted that the concept of “sharing spaces” has gained strength, offering gyms, pools and playrooms as areas of collective use.

“The share stands as an emerging model, where space maximization and community interaction are the protagonists. From terraces to roof gardens, the integration of outdoor spaces is sought for a more connected life with the environment,” he said in an interview with Real Estate Market & Lifestyle.

He added that in the field of construction, the trend leans towards standardization and efficiency: Buildings follow similar patterns, with open kitchens and uniform distribution of spaces.

“The emphasis is on practicality and resource optimization, using recycled and prefabricated materials to speed up construction times. The industry seeks to balance speed with quality to meet market demands.”

Living in a residential development offers several advantages

Regarding the needs of the modern buyer, he commented that real estate developers face the challenge of diversifying their offerings to adapt to the changing demands of different segments of the population.

“From millennials to older adults, each group has specific needs that must be addressed. Although most developments are focused on the middle range, there is a growing interest in luxury properties that offer a premium experience. However, these options are still limited compared to the broader market.”

The incorporation of ecological elements and sustainable energy solutions is increasingly common, he continued, reflecting a growing concern for the environment and the economic benefits it entails. The search for efficiency and comfort remains a priority for buyers and developers alike.

“As far as I have seen, the most sustainable issues are with recycled materials, that the apartments are not too hot or too cold, or both. That it has more ventilation, that more light enters. Those are more, right now, the sustainability issues,” the interviewee highlighted.

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According to the marketing director, access to real estate investment remains a challenge for many people due to barriers such as ignorance and financial uncertainty of each one. However, there are attractive opportunities for those looking to invest in real estate, especially with the right support.

“Real estate advisors play a crucial role in this process, providing expert guidance and helping investors navigate a complex and constantly evolving market. Although the search for opportunities can be challenging, the support of trained professionals can make the process more accessible and successful for all involved.”

Source: Real Estate Market