Which are the most expensive cities to live in Mexico


Housing is one of the items that can be most expensive, especially in certain areas of the country

There is no doubt that Mexico is a country with incredible places to live, although many of them can have high prices that make it difficult for many families to access these spaces.

And it is that the budget necessary to access some of these areas can be so high that they have even been compared to places like Dubai, New York or London, some of the cities considered as the most expensive in the world.

That is why today we tell you which are the most expensive cities to live in Mexico and what social class you should belong to in order to live in one of them.


It is not surprising that the CDMX is in this ranking since the housing costs in some areas have been compared to cities like New York or London, where even the rents are quoted in dollars.

Among these areas are Lomas de Chapultepec, Santa Fe, Lomas del Pedregal, to name a few, where you need income above 100 thousand pesos per month to be able to live there, although it is estimated that some of its inhabitants can have income of up to more than 5 million monthly.

San Pedro Garza García

Without a doubt, this city is also evident that it would be within the ranking, especially since here is one of the municipalities with the highest purchasing power in the country, that is, San Pedro Garza García.

The reason why this city is so expensive is that it is located in one of the states with the highest per capita income because it is an industrial area that receives a large amount of foreign investment. The standard of living in San Pedro Garza is so high that it has even been rated as the “millionaire city”.

Querétaro, Monterrey, Aguascalientes

A ranking prepared by the British weekly The Economist ranked these three cities as some of the most expensive to live in the country, along with others in Latin America such as Lima and Montevideo; however, the CDMX topped the list as the most expensive in LATAM.

On the other hand, despite not topping the list, Querétaro was evaluated by the city that most increased its cost of living in 2023 compared to all the other 173 cities evaluated, so it was placed as the second most expensive city to live in the country. The Queretaro capital rose 48 places.

The other cities in Mexico that were also among the biggest rises in the world are Monterrey and Aguascalientes; both rose 20 and 39 places, respectively.

About the case of Monterrey, it should be mentioned that although San Pedro Garza García is located as the most expensive city or municipality in Mexico, and in the country, Monterrey (capital city of Nuevo León) borders it, which is why its cost of living begins to rise in the same way, so it is also within the most expensive cities although it is less popular than its neighbor.

This information is given by the World Cost of Living Index that publishes the Intelligence Unit of The Economist although it evaluates the cost of living for foreigners, so an increase in the cost of housing in this ranking could not be entirely bad because it indicates a strengthening of its currency. Despite this, it is true that the arrival of foreigners usually increases the prices for local inhabitants.


For its part, according to the portal specialized in housing, Inmuebles 24, within the list the cities that have had the greatest increase in terms of sale and rental prices also include some of the cities mentioned above, such as Monterrey and Mexico City but also Guadalajara is mentioned, so this could be considered as another expensive city to live in.

The increase in the cost of housing during 2023 was the following for each city.

-Monterrey 22 percent on average

-Mexico City 14.8 percent on average

-Guadalajara 10.8 percent on average

For its part, the city of Querétaro also had an increase of 3.75%

Source: Infobae