State of Mexico, the most dangerous for cargo transportation


In 2023, 61 robbery events were reported on the Arco Norte, while on the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense 33 events were reported.

During the past year, 14,600 robberies to cargo transportation were registered in Mexico, according to the estimate of AI27, a figure based on the collection and comparison of information with the help of a mathematical model.

The data thrown by the analysis of AI27 determined that in the year of reference the three states with the highest incidence were: State of Mexico with 28.3%, Puebla with 15.7% and Guanajuato with 8.8 percent.

In turn, the most affected areas by road section were Federal Highway 150D Mexico – Puebla – Veracruz with 16% of the robberies and the Highway 57D Huehuetoca – Tepotzotlán – Palmillas – Polotitlán – Arco Norte with 5 percent.

Additionally, the security company reported that the vehicles with the most robberies were the tractor-trailers, the units of five tons or less.

Likewise, according to data shared by the National Association of Vehicle Tracking and Protection Companies (ANERPV) in Mexico, two thousand 124 events were registered in 2023, this represented an increase of 3% vs. 2022. Specifically in the State of Mexico, 508 events were recorded that were concentrated in Tecámac, Ecatepec de Morelos, Huehuetoca and Jilotepec, municipalities that accumulated 42% of the robberies. The main points where the robbery was concentrated are: highway 57D and 85D.

According to data from the ANERPV from January to December 2023, 61 robbery events were reported on the Arco Norte, of which 98% were cargo vehicles; in turn, on the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, 33 events were reported in the same period, of which 92% were cargo vehicles.

In the case of the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, 70% of the robberies were concentrated in four municipalities: Nextlalpan, Ecatepec, Teoloyucan and Huehuetoca. In the case of the most stolen vehicle models, they were: Cascadia, T680, ProStar and FL360.

In turn, the robbery incidents on the Arco Norte accumulated in the municipalities of Calpulalpan, Tula de Allende and Jilotepec. The most stolen vehicles on this highway were: T680, T800, T660 and ProStar.

To strengthen the security of cargo transportation, the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense has sought joint strategies with the state police, the National Guard and the prosecutors of the State of Mexico, as well as with other concessionaires of road sections to share data, indicators and problems.

“We are concerned about the situation on the Arco Norte (because there is a risk that the robbery to the transport will change location)”, said Antonio Lorenzo Ramos, global director of physical and patrimonial security of Aleatica, during the monthly meeting of follow-up to security issues at the facilities of the State Police barracks of the State of Mexico.

Ramos indicated that the presence of the National Guard in some sections of the Circuit is important as a deterrent, “we remain open to collaborate with all institutions, including the chambers and associations of transport”.

Regarding the results that have been obtained in coordination with the National Guard in 2023, a reduction of 55.3% of low assaults was obtained on the Arco Norte, “this does not mean that we have not had events, but that it has gone down. We have a coordination with four detachments: State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Puebla, with whom we have monthly meetings, the invitation is to make the complaints, if we do not have complaints we do not have data. We invite the chambers and transporters in general to join efforts to achieve progress based on strategies”, explained Raúl Pulido, manager of the Arco Norte highway.

It is relevant to point out that data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) indicated that the recovery rate on confirmed robberies was 58% in the country. “This represents a deterioration of the situation when compared to the 69% registered during the 2019-2020 period,” said AI27.

“It is a situation that worries and occupies us all who are in the transportation sector, because it is a reality that our roads are unsafe. And those of us who are dedicated to logistics and transportation are constantly exposed because we circulate 365 days a year 24/7,” shared to T21 Griselda Hernández, commercial and marketing director of Estafeta Mexicana.

Hernández added that putting the issue of insecurity on the table is a priority, “for the benefit of all the people who trust us as transporters to deliver their goods,” she said.

Source: T21