Super Bowl LVIII in Mexico, commercial appeal over 200 million pesos


Considered the most important sporting event of the beginning of the year, it is exploited by the television stations to obtain income from 60,000 pesos in advertisements. There are also brands that buy packages from the beginning of the season

The NFL’s king event is days away from starting and, with it, the gears of an industry that generates millions and millions of dollars every year begin to spin. This is the Super Bowl, which in 2024 will be played on Sunday, February 11, and in which Mexico is not exempt from its powerful economic engine.

According to a specialist in marketing and sports sponsorships, consulted by El Economista, Super Bowl LVIII has an estimated total commercial value between 240 and 250 million pesos, derived from what the television stations with the rights can obtain from their advertisers.

These figures come from a circle in which four television stations that will broadcast Super Bowl LVIII, between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, in Mexican territory participate: TUDN, TV Azteca, ESPN and Fox Deportes, as well as an estimate of more than 15 brands that would buy advertising spaces.

“A spot of open television is worth around 100,000 pesos and on pay television it ranges between 60,000 and 70,000. Of course, it can vary depending on the place (moment) where the spot goes”, explains Javier Balseca, the specialist consulted by this newspaper, who also has experience in the business area of Las Vegas Raiders, an NFL team.

“Also (the television stations) sell the complete package of the Super Bowl. (The advertisers) buy a package of the whole season, including the Super Bowl, with another cost and the rate mentioned above is for the new ones who were not in the full season and now want to get on the train”.

Some brands that will show their advertising in Mexico during Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday, to be held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the first time, are Ganador (dog food), Pilgrim’s (chicken meat), Carl’s Jr (burgers), Caliente (betting house) and Banorte (official bank of the NFL in Mexico).

Others are on the radar with different twists, such as oils for cars, beers, delivery applications, more betting houses and automotive distributors, according to the specialist’s experience.

The marketing of advertisements is not only by spots, but also includes appearances made with artificial intelligence: “The (virtual) commercials normal of 10 seconds cost 350,000 in a Classic of Mexican soccer between America and Chivas. In the Super Bowl, these virtual ones are between 600,000 and 700,000”, emphasizes Javier Balseca.

This means that an appearance of at least 10 virtual commercials during the Super Bowl in the broadcast would contribute 6 million pesos to the television station in question. The rest is obtained from other appearances in spots that, in general, are measured in 20 seconds and thus are negotiated.

“Regularly the spots are 20 seconds. The brands already have very advanced productions and the television stations already know that this is the standard time, they do not benefit from giving spaces of one minute (…) In the United States they do sell you every second and campaign launches, but in Mexico it is usually not measured like that”.

According to reports from CBS, in the United States there will be a record cost of 7 million dollars for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl LVIII. Converted to pesos, that represents an outlay of 3.97 million per second for the brands, an excessively high comparison with the rates previously indicated by the specialist within the television stations in Mexico.

The American commercials for Super Bowl LVIII will include figures from various fields such as Lionel Messi, Tom Brady, David Beckham, Anthony Hopkins and Jenna Ortega. The Argentine soccer player, for example, will receive around 14 million dollars for 60 seconds of a spot, according to The New York Times¹.

—How does the fact that this Super Bowl is in Las Vegas influence the cost of the ads in Mexico?

—”I don’t think it influences because the productions already have it leveraged within their planning, a budget is made from when they know where the venue is. Not because of the fact of being in Las Vegas the spot will be more expensive, it is part of a planning. What is true is that at the venue-travel level it will be the most expensive Super Bowl in history, because the Allegiant is the most expensive NFL stadium in terms of parking and tickets, but the spots in Mexico will not be more expensive, they are fixed rates and the costs are placed by inflation”, Balseca answers.

Finally, the specialist mentioned that it is estimated that between 35 and 40 million viewers in Mexico will watch at least one minute of the Super Bowl between Chiefs and 49ers this Sunday, including those who are not interested in the NFL but who are part of family or friends gatherings for this annual event.

Source: El Economista