China-Mexico relationship, increasingly closer, highlights ambassador


Mexico City. The relations between China and Mexico are increasingly closer, affirmed this Saturday the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Zhang Run.

At the inauguration of the celebrations for the Chinese New Year 2024-Year of the Dragon in Mexico, the envoy of the government of Xi Jinping thanked the Mexican government and people for their openness and for their conviction in the future of the relations with his country.

In the context of the third edition of the “Cultural Festival of the Chinese New Year” at the National Center for the Arts, the diplomat assured that “China is willing to work with Mexico to take advantage of new opportunities and hopes, promote peace and sustainable development, and create a bright future, of prosperity and common progress”.

“May Quetzalcoatl and the Chinese dragon fly together forward and upward,” declared the ambassador, who was accompanied by the Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Fraustro; the head of the Legal Counsel of the Presidency of the Republic, María Estela Ríos, among other officials.

While on the screens of the open-air forum where the ceremony was held, a video alluding to the bilateral relations was projected, which included images of the meeting that Zhang Run had this week with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace, the diplomat said that although 2023 was a year in which the world did not have peace, “China and Mexico, two important developing countries, in pursuit of the shared development of humanity, we continually strive to contribute wisdom and solution to the search for coexistence and common prosperity of all the countries of the world”.

He stressed that the China-Mexico relationship strives to “provide stability and positive energy to the international situation”.

He highlighted that in 2023 the tenth anniversary of the China-Mexico Strategic Partnership was commemorated and recalled that last year Xi Jinping and Andrés Manuel López Obrador met for the first time.

“The Chinese-Mexican cooperations are increasingly closer. The volume of bilateral trade increased by six percent, exceeding for the first time 100 billion dollars,” Zhang Run said.

He recalled that the Chinese government sent aid to Guerrero after the onslaught of Hurricane Otis.

Moments before the inauguration, in a message to the media, the ambassador explained that the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a celebration with more than 4,000 years of history and recalled that in December last year, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved a resolution with which the Chinese New Year was designated as a United Nations holiday.

He said that the activities of the Chinese New Year 2024 in Mexico will focus on topics such as “Friendship between China and Mexico” and “Building the future together”.

Source: La Jornada