What is the salary of a CEO of a company in Mexico in 2024?0


The CEO or chief executive officer of a company is the highest position within the corporate hierarchy. This is the person who leads the direction and makes the most important decisions, so, given this degree of responsibility, they also enjoy salaries and benefits much higher than the averages.

What does a CEO do and how much do they earn in Mexico in 2024?

According to the executive consultancy Michael Page, a Chief Executive Officer or CEO is the person with the highest responsibility in a company. They must have a global vision that allows them to define the vision and purpose of the company. With these in mind, they generate strategies that guide the direction of the company towards the expected results.

An executive director also needs to stand out for the strategic aspect. They are the person who makes the day-to-day decisions, although they must look at the medium and long term. They are responsible for aspects such as investment routes, possible purchases, diversification and organizational culture.

Often, the figure of the CEO is also seen as a ‘bridge’ between the company and its owners. This is because they are the person who communicates the results directly to the company’s boards of directors and accounts for the administration.

What does a general manager do?

The activities of a chief executive officer include:

Maintaining relationships with investors and shareholders.

Identifying and setting business priorities at specific times.

Defining a global strategy in each of the areas that provide support.

Adapts the policies and statutes of the company to the reality of the local market.

Leading large work teams to generate results.

They delegate tasks and agendas to the other executive members of the organization.

The qualities of a chief executive officer

Since they have a high load of responsibility, a CEO must also have a specific curriculum. Companies usually look for profiles with extensive experience in the sector of operation, as well as general knowledge of the business and several years in executive positions.

According to the job search portal Indeed, these are some of the qualities that companies require when hiring someone for a CEO role:


Acceptance and availability to change the strategy


Understanding of different perspectives




Critical thinking




How much does a CEO earn in Mexico in 2024?

The salary site Glassdoor explains that the average salary of a CEO in Mexico ranges from 40,000 to 132,000 pesos per month as a base, depending on the size of the organization. However, they also have other perceptions that help to raise their income.

In this way, the net remuneration of a CEO in the country ranges from 81,000 to 757,988 pesos per month. Of the total universe, the average salary of a chief executive officer is 247,112 pesos per month, according to estimates based on 848 salaries submitted anonymously by people who already have this executive position.

Source: El CEO