Travel safely home on the Nochebús: routes and schedule


If you go out partying or leave work very late, you probably know how difficult it is to get around safely and without having to pay the night rates.

However, to respond to the citizen demand for a public transport service at night, the Government of Mexico City and the Mobility Secretariat (SEMOVI) launched the Nochebús program.

This transport will allow you to leave without worrying about the return, as it offers an accessible service that is available when other transportations have closed their doors.

Night bus service hours

The night bus service is available to all inhabitants of Mexico City. And the best thing is that it is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 00:00 to 05:00 am.

What are the Nochebús routes?

The Nochebús is the best option for those night transfers that do not match the normal schedule of other types of transport, although it only provides service in four municipalities of Mexico City: Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Cuauhtémoc, and Gustavo A. Madero.

However, the demarcations where it offers service host a wide variety of busy work and entertainment points.

It currently circulates on the following routes:

Aragón – Metro Chapultepec

Alameda Oriente – Bosque Nativitas

La Villa – Periférico

Metro Cuatro Caminos – Metro Constitución de 1917

Centro Comercial Santa Fé – Metro Auditorio

Jesús del Monte Cuajimalpa – Metro Chapultepec

What is the cost of the night bus?

From the place where you take this transport that runs at night some of the busiest points of the CDMX, the cost of the service is 7 pesos.

Although it is totally free for some sectors of the population such as children under 5 years old and older adults.

Source: El Sol de Mexico