How many passengers will the Metromex of the State of Mexico transport?


Authorities of the State of Mexico are preparing the Metromex project, as part of the mobility plan in the entity that includes a new Mexicable line from Naucalpan to Toreo.

The Mobility Secretary, Daniel Sibaja, stated that a single line of the Metromex, the Metro project in the State of Mexico, could transport up to 400 thousand people in one day.

In addition, it is expected that this mobility system will make 12.9 million trips per day, benefiting 60% of the population of the Metropolitan Area.

Through a “Live” on his social networks, the official explained some details contained in a study that was done on the benefits of this project and its implementation, considering that millions of people move daily in the entity.

He recalled that in recent days it was announced that among the planned projects in terms of mobility are the Metromex in the entity, as well as the Light Rail.

He reported that with the Mexican metro, the Metromex, about 70% of public transport users could benefit, 12.9 million daily trips in the region, in addition to 7 million trips that would be made with the municipalities and more 1.3 with Mexico City.

Daniel Sibaja explained that the study he showed on social networks also indicates the lines, for example Ecatepec to Coyoacán, the origin – destination of those that are necessary.

“The study shows that the Mexican metro must consider the development of the Metropolitan Area planning the travel destinations and the demand runs.

“The governor (Delfina Gómez Álvarez) will announce it, many do not believe us because they say that other governments have wanted to do it and have not been able to, we tell them that it is the first government of Morena and I am sure that we will achieve it, we will tell you what is the first line, it is a study that has been done “, he said.

He affirmed that the metro system could mobilize a single line to more than 400 thousand people and exemplified with it the dimension of the state public transport, since only the Mexicable and the Mexibus transport 350 thousand people daily, “so that we dimension the level of the project and it comes hand in hand, new corridors with electric trucks, we are going for the renewal of the fleet “.

Source: El Universal