In Mexico there are about 110 thousand Haitians; 45 thousand in CDMX


There are at least 110 thousand Haitian migrants in the country, of which 45 thousand have been residing for several months in Mexico City, said the president of the Citizen Committee in Defense of the Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans, Wilner Metelus, who called on the federal government to grant them a humanitarian visa or deliver documents to regularize their stay that allows them to look for a job, because he said that the intention is to stay in Mexico to work and not continue their trip to the United States.

They continue to migrate, and he pointed out that the number will increase in these days, so Haiti is located in the first place of the dozens of countries with the highest number of men, women and children who have arrived in the country.

After announcing that next Friday he will place a floral offering in the Giordano Bruno square on the 13th anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, he pointed out that the number of islanders is increasing because the situation is very difficult in our country, people are suffering a lot.

At a press conference in the square located in the Juárez neighborhood, enabled as a camp, Metelus asked the head of Government, Martí Batres, to send portable toilets. We have Haitian brothers who have several days without bathing, there is no water; we have children who have problems, with diseases and sometimes they have nothing to eat. It is a shame for our country.

He added that the migrants in the square “are young, pregnant women, there are children, they are people who have no possibility to rent a little room to live with their family, they also have no economic resources to eat, they also have no money to send to their families in Haiti.

We ask for union, solidarity from everyone for the benefit of our Haitian migrant brothers, I ask the Mexican brothers to continue helping our Haitian brothers and I also call on criminal groups and criminals who are taking advantage of the vulnerability of our Haitian brothers, enough!

In addition to that camp, he indicated that there are groups of citizens of that country in Tláhuac, in the vicinity of the La Merced market, in the Cafemin shelter, near the Misterios station of the Metro, as well as in the municipalities of Ecatepec, Chalco, Nezahualcóyotl and Tecámac, in the state of Mexico.

The migrants work as helpers in the Avante neighborhood market, as well as in street food stalls on Acoxpa Avenue, in the south of the capital.

Metelus reaffirmed the demand that they do not take advantage of the vulnerability of the Haitian brothers, they are human beings and must receive dignified treatment, indicating that he has no evidence to accuse any political party or organization that took them to a rally for the closing of the pre-campaign of the PAN member Santiago Taboada in the El Mestizaje park, in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

Association asks them to deliver documents to stay in the country.

Source: La Jornada