Are the earthquakes that occurred in Japan, Mexico and California related?


Three days have passed since 2024 and a large part of the global population has been shaken by the natural phenomena that have occurred. In Peru, Mexico and the United States, uncertainty grows as to whether there is a relationship between the seismic movements that were detected in their territories and the earthquake that occurred in Japan on January 1st.

Japan welcomed the new year with a 7.8 magnitude tremor; the same day, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded in California; in Mexico there were two seismic movements of 4.0 and 4.1, while in Peru a 4.2 tremor was detected on January 2.

The areas where the earthquakes occurred are known as the “fire belt” or “Pacific ring of fire”. It is one of the subduction zones located on the Pacific coasts. It is characterized by being one of the most important and active seismic and volcanic regions on the planet. This fact has led to speculation that the events that occurred in the countries mentioned are related to each other.

However, specialists state that there is no relationship between one event and another. They mention that the concept was born during the 80’s to indicate that in these areas earthquakes constantly occur, but that within the field of Natural Sciences it has no validity whatsoever.

Alejandro Salazar Méndez, a geologist graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) mentioned to Milenio that, despite the coincidences and that it seemed logical to assume a seismic chain reaction, there is no relationship between the natural phenomena, despite the fact that they occurred on the same date, and are part of the same geological structure of the Pacific, they are not continuous blocks nor do they connect from end to end.

Another important point to consider is that the earthquake in Japan was caused by the Eurasian plate, which is located to the west of the island nation, which was not the same one that caused the earthquakes in Peru, Mexico and the United States.

Source: San Diego Red