How much does a gas station dispatcher earn in Mexico? This is the salary offered by Pemex, Shell, BP and G500


Tips and commissions are not included in the salaries of thousands of workers in the country

The issue of salaries in Mexico has become a trend in recent days, especially after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that there will be a 20% increase in that area.

According to the platform specialized in job search in Mexico, Glassdoor, a gasoline dispatcher who is part of the payroll of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), will be able to access a salary of between 3 thousand to 12 thousand pesos.

According to information from statistics in this sector, the salary of dispatchers may vary.

However, if the additional bonuses and remunerations are calculated, someone with this position can access a total average salary of up to 6,200 pesos per month. Although according to the investigations, it was not reported that the number of tips, payment of utilities or commissions had been added to this sum.


British Petroleum (BP) is the first transnational company to open a gasoline service station in Mexico.

Here the average salary for a gasoline dispatcher is at least 8,200 pesos.


In the case of the British company, Shell, the approximate salary is 6,300 pesos. The estimated amount emerged thanks to information from at least 4 employees and some customers who provided information in recent months.


This gas station group of Mexican origin pays its employees a salary of 4,700 pesos per month. According to some testimonials that were shared on the internet, this company does not have benefits.

Source: Infobae