The American dream for some is leaving the U.S.


The big picture: As recent polling suggests a dwindling sense of confidence in the American dream, some U.S. citizens are flocking to foreign countries in search of more affordability and flexibility than they experienced in the U.S.

Catch up quick: Recent surveys have uncovered concerns about the American dream declining or even already being extinguished, Axios’ Dave Lawler reports.

  • Only 36% of respondents said the American dream — defined in this case that “if you work hard you’ll get ahead” — still held true, per a WSJ/NORC poll from October. That’s a steep drop from previous polling.
  • Meanwhile, younger Americans are struggling to get on the housing ladder, and Americans of all ages are increasingly pessimistic about the opportunities that will be available to the next generation, as one recent NBC poll found.

At the same time, opportunities presented by remote work and expat lifestyles reflected in social media posts have led some Americans to consider life overseas.

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