All about Noche buena, a 100 percent Mexican flower


The beautiful cuetlaxóchitl, the Nahuatl name of this plant that means “leather flower”, in the time of the Aztecs was associated with the purity and resuscitation of warriors killed in battle

MAZATLAN. – What is Christmas without a Noche Buena plant on the one hand? December arrives and in nurseries and stores we see the arrival of these flowers that we all associate with the holidays, due to their colors, their shape and their dimensions that make the decoration of homes and squares shine.

Mexico produces more than 30 poinsettia varieties, the most common are Freedom, Subdiji and Prestige Red, which represent 70 percent of the production, but Joy Pink, White Red Angel and Festival are also harvested. These varieties show various colors such as red, yellow, pink, white, striped and marbled.

Where does the name Noche buena come from?

Its Nahuatl name is cuetlaxóchitl which means “leather flower”, in the time of the Aztecs it was associated with the purity and resuscitation of warriors killed in battle and they offered it to the sun in order to renew their strength.

That means that this flower is 100 percent Mexican but its fame and production has already gone to other countries, precisely because of the way in which they sprout and come out precisely during the Christmas seasons, forming part of the traditional decoration.

What is the care of the Noche buena flower?

If you are the plant lady you will have no problem, caring for it is easy and very specific so that it does not wither. The advantage is that you commonly find it in pots, complete with roots so that you can change it later and it can grow.

Follow these steps and become an expert:

The “mature” Poinsettia Flower, that is, in flower, does not require fertilizer.

Requires abundant indirect light for several hours daily

It should be watered when you feel with your finger that the soil is dry.

When watering it, try not to wet the red leaves, as this causes them to become stained or discolored.

In case of excessive watering, the water should drain through the drainage holes of the pot

Avoid placing it in humid places, as they are very susceptible to fungal attack.

Once the Christmas season is over, pruning should be applied to ensure rapid flowering. What you should do is cut the growth front, two centimeters above the growth front (elbow) at a height of 50 centimeters, with this You will make it increase its foliage.

How much does a Noche buena flower cost?

Currently in nurseries, being seasonal, you will find poinsettias from 40 to 120 pesos per pot, this depends on the size of the plant.

Source: Punto