After pause due to elections, the United Kingdom hopes for a treaty with Mexico in 2025


The new trade agreement between Mexico and the United Kingdom will have to wait a little longer, said ambassador Jon Benjamin.

The negotiation of the free trade agreement between Mexico and the United Kingdom will be postponed due to the next electoral cycles in both nations, but 2025 could be the date on which an agreement is reached, said the United Kingdom ambassador to Mexico, Jon Benjamin.

In an interview with EL FINANCIERO, the British diplomat highlighted that although the bilateral relationship between both countries is at its best, a new trade agreement will boost trade and investments between the two nations.

The official stressed that the British exit from the European Union (Brexit) has not only not weakened ties with Mexico, but has opened great opportunities to strengthen them through an ambitious modern bilateral agreement that is totally favorable to free trade.

”Brexit, beyond having been a controversial issue in the United Kingdom, has opened up greater space, flexibility and independence for us to be able to negotiate trade agreements with partners like Mexico,” he said.

The diplomat pointed out that although the first three rounds of negotiations have already been carried out, there will be a pause next year due to political issues, because both countries face electoral cycles.

“As soon as the next administrations have been installed in both countries, we are excited to resume the process and reach a successful conclusion, perhaps by the year 2025,” highlighted Ambassador Jon Benjamin.

Source: El Financiero