Which municipalities of Edomex will be left without water and what measures will they implement


Because the National Water Commission (Conagua) recently announced that the Cutzamala System has an alarming decrease in the vital resource, the Water Secretariat of the State of Mexico has begun work to generate strategies to prevent major problems from arising in the short term and to that the different municipalities have enough water in the future.

In the meeting preceded by the Secretary of Water, Pedro Moctezuma Barragán, where the mayors of the 16 municipalities of the entity that have been affected by a decrease in water supply met.

Which municipalities in Edomex have experienced water shortages?

As mentioned above, there are 16 municipalities that have been facing a decrease in the water that reaches homes, which are:

– Nicolas Romero

– San Mateo Atenco

– Tecámac

– Toluca

– Tultitlan


– Ecatepec

– Nezahualcoyotl

– Tlalnepantla

– Cuautitlán Izcalli

– Coacalco

– Atizapán de Zaragoza

– Acolman

– Huixquilucan

– Naucalpan

What measures will they implement so that the amount of water received does not continue to decrease?

Following the announcement by Conagua that due to the drought that Mexico has faced in recent years, there has been a decrease in the delivery of block water in the State of Mexico from the Cutzamala System, which is why it has born the need to create a Water Plan.

It is worth mentioning that the Water Commission of the State of Mexico was affected after the amount of water it received was greatly reduced, since before it received up to 5,273 liters per second weekly, but as of November 10 this year the amount dropped to 3,920 liters per second, which caused many localities to be affected by the low water supply.

However, reducing the amount of water received is a measure that is part of the Water Plan, with the aim that in the future the Cutzamala System is not compromised to the point that it no longer has more water.

With the water reduction measure, it is planned that said system can be recovered by the first half of 2024.

Likewise, the Water Secretariat of the State of Mexico stated that another measure that is being implemented is to maintain 40 wells, which could allow better supply to the 16 municipalities that are currently affected.

The location of the 40 wells will be determined trying to make it equitable for places that have less water, as well as making it a greater resource so that more can be done with less.

Another measure to be implemented by the Water Secretariat is that work will be carried out to eradicate water leaks that exist in different municipalities of the State of Mexico, since it is estimated that 41 percent of the liquid supply is lost due to breakdowns in home networks.

Recommendations for water care

According to the Government of Mexico portal, there are a series of actions that help save water, which are:

– When bathing, place a bucket to collect the cold water while the hot water comes out. It can be water that is used later to clean the home or water the plants.

– Take five-minute showers and turn off the faucets during the soaping process

– Before washing the dishes, remove food residue

– When cleaning the home, biodegradable cleaning products can be used, as they allow water to be reused in the garden

Source: Infobae