What are the labor rights and average salary of domestic employees in CDMX?


The domestic employee workforce is 1.98 million people, of which 3.1% are men

Domestic or household employees are one of the most vulnerable sectors of the workforce in Mexico, despite the fact that their importance has been made visible for years and they have been granted rights like those of any worker, since they are still considered a informal activity.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the workforce of domestic employees during the second quarter of 2023 was 1.98 million people, of which 3.1% are men and 96.9% women, who are on average 44 years old. We tell you what your labor rights are and your average salary.

What is the average salary of a domestic worker?
According to the same report from the Ministry of Economy, the average salary of domestic employees is 4 thousand pesos per month, working around 29 hours a week, at the end of the third quarter of 2023.

However, men receive an average salary of 5,250 pesos per month, while women have an average payment of 3,960 pesos per month.

The states with the highest number of domestic workers during the second quarter of 2023 were the State of Mexico, with 309 thousand; Mexico City, with 151 thousand; and Jalisco, with 137 thousand.

What are your labor rights?
For several years, domestic workers have had the right to receive various benefits such as social security and bonuses, among others such as:

Do not suffer discrimination
Have a written contract
Have a decent salary
That they should not be asked for a pregnancy test or fired for the same reason.
That they be granted legal benefits
They must be registered in the IMSS
Refrain from abuse
That they be respected for having eight-hour schedules and having days of rest
If this is the case, have a comfortable and hygienic room, as well as receive a healthy and efficient diet.
Receive a general instruction
The employer must cover the cost of the covid-19 test.
Source: Infobae