Passenger train: this route will connect Nuevo Laredo with San Luis Potosí in 6 hours


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador published a decree on November 20 in the Official Gazette of the Federation in which he establishes the passenger train as a priority area for the development of the country.

The president argued that railways represent “the best alternative to increase the mobility of the population in the main cities,” in addition to being economic and ecological.

The 7 passenger train routes presented by AMLO

Train Mexico-Veracruz-Coatzacoalcos

AIFA-Pachuca Interurban Train

Train Mexico-Querétaro-León-Aguascalientes

Train Manzanillo-Colima-Guadalajara-Irapuato

Mexico-San Luis Potosí-Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo


Aguascalientes-Chihuahua-Ciudad Juárez

Route that will connect Nuevo Laredo with Sal Luis Potosí

One of the largest railway centers in Mexico is located in San Luis Potosí, through this entity the tracks that connect with Aguascalientes, Tampico, León, Saltillo and Nuevo León cross. This route would arrive as a passenger train to Nuevo Laredo, after the recent decree. Separately, Kansas City Southern recently began a project for a rail bridge connecting to Laredo, Texas.

The estimated time to get from Nuevo Laredo to San Luis Potosí would be 6 hours or less, taking into account that from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey it would be 2 hours.

The new Regiomontano, route that connects Monterrey with Nuevo Laredo

Previously, the passenger train that connected Mexico, San Luis Potosí and Monterrey was called El Regiomontano; The one that united Nuevo Laredo was called El Nuevo Regiomontano. To date it is unknown if they will have that name.

  “Interested parties must present their proposals to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) no later than January 15, 2024,” reads President López Obrador’s decree on passenger trains.

Source: El Mañana