‘La Barbie de Tepito’ released by CDMX authorities


Mexico City authorities released the suspect known as ‘La Barbie de Tepito’; allegedly it was an illegal detention.

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, “La Barbie de Tepito” was released from prison. The influencer and her companions were arrested for illegal possession of a firearm one day earlier.

They release the 'Barbie of Tepito';  They alleged illegal detention [Photo: Carlos Jiménez / Twitter - @c4jimenez]
CDMX authorities have released ‘Barbie de Tepito’; the defense alleged illegal detention [Photo: Carlos Jiménez / Twitter – @c4jimenez]

Amairany “N”, known as the Barbie of Tepito, was released by a judge when the legal detention was not proven to link her to a trial for carrying a firearm or the other people with whom she was detained.

During the initial hearing held this day in the Reclusorio Norte courts, the Public Ministry agent charged her and two other women and four men with illegal possession of a firearm.

However, the defense presented videos to prove the illegality of the arrest.

Finally, the judge considered that the investigation file was not well integrated and that the police elements had not complied with the principles of legality at the time of the arrest.

Amairany, also known as Barbie Shezit, whose parents were murdered just months ago, was detained by agents of the SSC-CDMX in the Gustavo A. Madero District of Mexico City, along with two other women and four men, after a report of shots fired.

After conducting a search of the vehicle in which they were allegedly traveling, police officers reported to have found a short firearm and a magazine with six useful cartridges, and besides, an injured person was on board the vehicle.

It is presumed that the people with whom La Barbie de Tepito was detained belong to a criminal group called Los Fortis, also from the “Barrio Bravo de Tepito.

Source: Reforma

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