SAT: what is the maximum amount of a transfer without being sanctioned in Mexico


The way money moves in the world has changed, since today most movements are carried out through electronic transactions and the administration of companies and people is managed from their mobile accounts.

In this context, a tool is used such as the Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI), which, although it helps simplify operations, has several limitations on the part of banking institutions and the government itself.

In this system operated by the Bank of Mexico, you can carry out various financial transactions, such as paying bills, transferring money between your own accounts or third parties, making online purchases, among others.

What is the maximum amount of a transfer without being sanctioned in Mexico?

This will depend on each banking institution, for example:

At BBVA, there is no pre-established limit, since it is limited by the available balance in the account as long as the account holder does not have any payments withheld.

At Banco Azteca, if it is transferred to third-party accounts in other banks, the maximum amount is $8 thousand pesos per day.

In Santander, you can make quick transfers with a daily limit of up to $11 thousand pesos.

At Banorte, if they are transfers registered to third-party accounts, there is a limit of $5 million pesos per day.

This information is registered on the official portals of each bank, however, there may be variations, so it is better to consult your bank.

Source: Terra