These are the FREE benefits that Mexicana de Aviación will offer 


The airline that will begin its flights starting in November announced the privileges that its passengers will enjoy 

The time for the new Mexican Aviation airline to begin operations is coming, and although all the details about its flights are not yet available, some benefits have already been announced. 

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), president of Mexico, announced this weekend that Mexicana de Aviación will begin its flights starting in November 2023 from Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA). 

Given this, it is expected that ticket sales will begin this September; However, there is already the official site of Mexicana de Aviación where detailed information about its services and flights is posted. 

Through the official networks of Mexicana de Aviación announced that complimentary drinks and free checked luggage are just some of the services that this new airline will offer, which will be in charge of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena). 

Also free of charge, the airline will allow passengers to fly with hand luggage and personal items that together do not weigh more than 10 kg on all its flights, a service that not all airlines offer. 

For this launch, Mexicana de Aviación will also allow the user to carry a checked 15-kilogram suitcase for free. 

Likewise, during the first days of the flight, no extra charge is added for selecting the seat for your trip, a cost that on other airlines ranges between 140 and 200 pesos. 

These planes in which people will fly will be Boeing brand, model 737, with a capacity of 180 passengers, while the cost of the flights promises to be up to 20 percent lower than with other companies. 

  Source: Diario del Yaqui