Young indigenous man graduates and attends in PRE-HISPANIC attire: “How proud!” | VIDEO 


López Holcan Mattero, a young indigenous man, went viral on social media after he posted a video proudly wearing his pre-Hispanic clothing at his graduation. 

Graduations are one of the most important moments in the lives of students. This day, full of celebrations, marks a step-in people’s professional careers. With social networks, there is an opening to publicize the joy that surrounds the celebrants. 

For this reason, now a TikTok user, identified as @holcanmattero, published a video in which he received his graduation recognition for having completed his degree in Biochemical Engineering. 

Young man graduates and wears indigenous clothing 

At the beginning of the audiovisual it was heard that the ceremonial director named the student’s name: “López Holcan Mattero”. All the graduates, who were seated, began to look behind, from among the people, the young indigenous man got up and walked towards the podium. 

Applause filled the venue. When Holcan reached the teachers, who were handing out the diplima, he began to greet them with a strong handshake. They all looked at him with pride and didn’t stop clapping. 

The teacher who was in charge of giving him his recognition said a few words to him and then they both posed for a photo, while smiling from ear to ear. 

Holcan proudly continued to greet the rest of the teachers. Later, he went to where his parents were and let them take photos of him. 

At the bottom of his video, Mattero wrote: “I graduated as a Biochemical Engineer. Resisting a social and cultural lag of 500 years.” On the other hand, the audiovisual was enlivened with the pre-Hispanic melody Raíz Viva, by Los Folkloristas. 

Quickly his pre-Hispanic clothing went viral on TikTok, in less than 15 hours, the video that lasts just 55 seconds has added more than 870,000 views and more than 121,000 likes. 

Internet users of the social network celebrated the achievement of the young man through messages of support. Below we show you the count of some. 


Me gradúo de Ingeniero Bioquímico. Resistiendo un rezago social y cultural de 500 años! #mexica #mexico #mexican #ingenierobioquimico #ingenieria #ingeniero

♬ Raíz Viva (Prehispánica) – En Vivo – Los Folkloristas

         “He put on a ball gown for the occasion, that’s it! Congratulations!” 

         “How beautiful it is to magnify our roots! Congratulations!” 

         “Dedicated to all of Mexico! For our roots.” 

         “I’m not crying, a little feather from your panaché fell into my eye, what a pride for your family and all of Mexico.” 

         “I’m so proud of you! Let’s not let our mother culture die.” 

         “So many boys looking for the best suit and you chose the most beautiful. Congratulations, always proud of our culture.” 

  Source: Milenio