Telmex announces a new service that will revolutionize the way you use Internet Infinitum 

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A business cannot function properly without management. That is why Telmex has offered a new service that will revolutionize the way you run your small and medium-sized business (SME). 

This is the Aspel ADM service with which you can issue invoices, notes and fee receipts easily, efficiently and safely anywhere, from any mobile, cell phone or tablet device. 

In order to contract this service with Telmex, you must be a client of Carlos Slim’s internet provider, in the internet and telephony service settings ‘Business Solutions. 

Telmex’s ‘Business Solutions’ packages are around $399, to $2,289 and these vary in price based on the speed of browsing and the protection and assistance services for your business that you wish to acquire. 

According to Telmex, the ADM Invoice service is free of charge in Infinitum Business Packages: $399, $549, $799, $519, $739, $989. And the free Basic ADM service in Infinitum Business Packages: $1,536 and $2,326. 

ADM Services 

ADM Invoices 

*-Issue receipt of payment receipts 

*-Unlimited electronic invoice 

*-No cost in some packages 

Basic WMD 

*-Includes ADM Store for point-of-sale control 

*-Active box 1 

*-Unlimited Electronic Billing 

*-Cost of $144 per month 

ADM Premium 

*-Includes ADM Store for point-of-sale control 

*-Active boxes 3 

  *-Generates payroll receipts 

*-Sales and accounts receivable statistics 

*-Record expenses or purchase of products 

*-Inventory stock control 

Telmex business schemes 

Telmex, one of the main telecommunications companies in Mexico, has established various business schemes to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Here is a list of some of these schemes: 

◉ Residential and Business Fixed Telephony: Provides fixed telephony services for both homes and businesses, offering traditional telephone line plans with various features and rate options. 

◉ Broadband and Internet: Offers high-speed Internet connection services through technologies such as ADSL, fiber optics, and wireless services, providing options for homes and businesses. 

◉ Cable and Satellite Television: Through its Telmex TV brand, it provides cable and satellite television services, with a variety of packages that include national and international channels. 

◉ Business and Corporate Services: Telmex offers telecommunications and technology solutions to companies, such as dedicated links, data services, cloud services, and more, to improve connectivity and business efficiency. 

◉ Mobile Telephony Services: Through its Telcel brand, Telmex also offers mobile telephony services in Mexico, providing voice, messaging and data plans for individual and business users. 

◉ Cloud Services: Telmex offers cloud storage services and productivity tools for companies, allowing access to data and applications from anywhere. 

◉ Security and Monitoring Solutions: Telmex offers security and monitoring services for homes and businesses, including alarm and video surveillance systems. 

◉ International Telecommunications: Telmex provides international telecommunications services, such as international calls, roaming for mobile users and global connectivity solutions. 

I◉ Network and Connectivity Infrastructure: Telmex provides infrastructure and connectivity services for other telecommunications companies and service providers, allowing the expansion of the network and connectivity at a national and international level. 

◉ Unified Communication Solutions: Offers unified communication solutions for companies, which integrate services such as voice, video and messaging in a single platform. 

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