VIDEO: Get to know the luxurious abandoned mansion in Sinaloa that hides a secret tunnel 


It is not a secret that the state of Sinaloa is known for its luxuries and eccentricities. In the state of northern Mexico there are people with money, of course, but enough to abandon a million-dollar mansion in one of the most exclusive places. 

Apparently yes, that is why we will talk about the mysterious abandoned mansion in Mazatlán, Sinaloa that has a mysterious tunnel inside, or well, that is what it seems to be. 

The tour that we will take today through the luxurious house located in one of the best places in the Pearl of the Pacific is thanks to the content creator ‘Héctor Frank’, who currently has the name of his TikTok account ‘@aynibey’. 

Do not wait any longer and we are going to reveal the secrets behind this mysterious place. 

Whose house was it in Mazatlán? 

This millionaire mansion located just a few meters from the beach hides a lot, even though no one knows for sure who it belonged to, it is rumored that it belonged to the Arellano Félix family, who used it as their summer home to visit the municipality of southern Sinaloa. 

Its Arabic-style architecture both inside and on its façade is a welcome for lovers of alternative tourism and the curious who come to explore in search of surprises. 

And you know what? The content creator found them! 

Just upon entering he found a fully assembled patio as a sign of carelessness and the passing of the years, in addition, in one of the sectors there is a pool filled with licked water. 

Once inside the structure, he found the remains of a full kitchen, while on the roof of a central room there is a huge skylight that provides natural light.  

Further on, a spiral staircase made of marble leads to a second floor with spacious rooms that have their own dressing room, closet with luxury finishes and Jacuzzi. 

In one of the rooms, he even found what appears to be the remains of a magical ritual to attract money. It was also possible to notice that there are homeless people living on the site, so far nothing out of the ordinary in places like this. 

As a mystery, Héctor Frank found an intentionally built hole in the ground that sparked the curiosity of the content creator and TikTok users who saw the video of the mansion in Sinaloa. 

The influencer speculated that it could be the beginning of the work of a tunnel, others said that it could be a plan for a basement. 

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