CFE imposes a new RULE to place electricity meters and avoid cutting off your service 


In order to avoid cutting off your electricity service, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) launches a notice in which it imposes a new rule to place electricity meters, which although this is already fulfilled in a large part of the country, there are still states that have not done so. 

The new rule that the CFE imposes regarding light meters is that they must be placed in an exposed and easily accessible place in the home, that is, these devices are regularly placed on the facade of the house, next to the door. It is necessary to comply with this indication, because if it is ignored, it is very likely that your service will be cut off. 

This situation of electricity meters not being placed in the correct places occurs in various entities of the country, for which reason the CFE has indicated that this technical specification of the service is governed in terms of the Law on Public Electric Power Services in terms of contributions, as well as the general bases for Standardization in the Federal Electricity Commission. 

That is to say, the new rule on the placement of light meters in a place of easy access was approved following the procedure established in article 25 Ter of the Regulation of the Law of Public Service of Electric Energy in the matter of Contributions. 

What to do to change the CFE light meter and comply with the new rule? 

First, it should be mentioned that the light meter, whose official name is Wattorimeter, is the device that the CFE uses to measure the electrical energy consumed and apply the rate with respect to your home. To verify that it is working correctly and that there is no irregularity, employees constantly carry out their review, which is why the equipment is required to be in a visible and easily accessible place. 

Placing meters in the correct place is regularly carried out by CFE workers, so to request this service it is necessary to go to a Customer Service Center or call 071, but in case it is required to have the electricity bill and a valid official identification at hand, as Commission personnel will file the report and will need some information. 

In the event that the owner of the service is the one who must place the light meter in the correct place, the CFE staff will advise on the specifications, materials and equipment that will have to be used, whether for the aerial or underground network. Given this, if you do not comply with the procedure in the agreed time, the electricity service may be cut off due to the new rule. 

Source: Terra