Interurban train Mexico-Toluca will benefit six municipalities in economic matters 


When the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train starts operations, it could increase the economic activity of six Mexican municipalities by 30%, estimated the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) of the State of Mexico in an impact analysis. 

According to the document, Toluca, Lerma, Metepec, Ocoyoacac, San Mateo Atenco and Zinacantepec, which together contribute 17.4% to the state GDP, will be the ones that will directly benefit economically through this transport. 

In a broken-down manner, the participation of Toluca in the current state economic activity is 9.9%, while Metepec is 3.2%, for Lerma it is 2.1%, San Mateo Atenco is 0.8%, while Zinacantepec and Ocoyoacac 0.7%, each one. 

“The benefits will be concentrated in sectors such as commerce, services and tourism, both from the establishments that are near the route, as well as from other indirect ones, as well as the passenger transport service”, the analysis deepens. 

These municipalities, the document emphasizes, concentrated in 2020 1.7 million people, by 2030 the expectation is to reach 1.9 million. 

The president of the Business Coordinating Council of the State of Mexico, Laura González Hernández, stated that infrastructure and transportation projects benefit the economy, by generating jobs and encouraging competitiveness. 

     Mobility in the State of Mexico is fundamental due to the population level and economic activity. In addition, transport is essential for entities with a logistical vocation and for the transport of merchandise”, indicated González Hernández. 

The study refers that in addition to projecting greater economic dynamism, it also highlights its sustainable profile. 

For example, among the ecological benefits is the one that can replace 15,203 public transport units and 26,189 cars, which means a CO² reduction of 27,827 tons per year, according to official estimates. 

“This route will force users to find adequate connectivity options in the different stations, in addition to the permanent maintenance of the roads, as well as to visualize greater alternatives to strengthen the comprehensive mass transportation system,” added the businesswoman. 

The Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train, in its full operation, will join two important cities in the country in 39 minutes and will serve some 230,000 passengers a day who will be able to complete a 58-kilometer journey. 

 Source: El Economista