12 arrested for stealing wallets and cell phones during a Gloria Trevi concert at the San Cristóbal Fair 


Ecatepec, Méx.-On the first day of activities at the San Cristóbal Fair, the Ecatepec Municipal Police arrested 12 people for stealing wallets, cell phones and cash from those attending the event. 

In addition, another seven people were presented before the mediating and conciliatory official, since they were surprised by the organizers while they were reselling the entrance tickets to the fair, informed the mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras. 

The mayor explained that the members of the alleged network of assailants, including three women and a minor under 16 years of age, were denounced by those attending the celebration because they simultaneously committed several robberies, to later try to flee the place walking. 

Noticing the presence of municipal police officers, the victims denounced the suspects and arrested 12 alleged assailants. 

To prevent the subjects identified by the victims from fleeing, the municipal agents set up a security fence, then put them in patrol cars and transferred them to the Public Ministry agency in San Cristóbal Centro. 

In that place, the investigation folder was started for his alleged participation in the crime of robbery.  

Various cell phones, wallets and cash were seized from the detainees, as well as a knife that some of the victims identified as the weapon with which they were threatened. 

The Gloria Trevi concert that last night was presented at the San Cristóbal Fair attracted by thousands of her followers, who wanted to take advantage of the detainees to strip some of her belongings. 

 Source: El Universal