Without speaking English! Canada is looking for Mexicans to work with a salary of 42,000 a month


If you are looking to work abroad, the Mexican government’s Employment Portal reported a vacancy to work in Canada, which will be valid until July 30, 2023. Here we will tell you what the position is, the requirements And how can you apply? Remember that working in another country gives you several advantages such as better professional development, which is sometimes difficult to find in your country of origin.

In addition, the multicultural experience you have working abroad allows you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. In recent years, Canada has positioned itself as one of the nations that offers the greatest job opportunities to Mexicans, so much so that the Employment Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is in charge of showing vacancies.

Work in Canada without speaking English for a vacancy of 42 thousand pesos

The Employment Portal of the government of Mexico published the vacancy to work in Canada without the need to speak English, it is a position as Mechanic of heavy vehicles and machinery. The data mentions that the salary will be 42,000 pesos with legal benefits, medical consultation care insurance, and it is a contract for a determined time.

The functions that you must fulfill are to carry out any task related to the work, cleaning tools and work area at all times, maintaining heavy machinery or light vehicles and automobiles of the company. It is a Canadian company dedicated to the transformation of limestone, concrete, and asphalt; so heavy vehicles and machinery must be in constant review.

What are the requirements and how to apply?

To work in Canada, you only need to meet the academic level of technical career, diploma or certificate that supports it. Automotive mechanics degree and five years of experience as a Heavy Vehicle and Machinery Mechanic. No need to speak English or another language and you must be willing to travel. You have until July 30 to apply on the following portal.

Source: Escapada