Top 5 men’s shampoos for reversing gray hair


These are the Top 5 Methods for Men Looking to Reverse the Appearance of Gray Hair

Want to get rid of your gray hair? We tested dozens of gray reversing shampoos to rank the top five best!

Unfortunately, most men’s hair will grow gray over the years. For some of us, it happens a lot earlier than others. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with a silver fox in his late 70s. That’s cool as hell. But I’m 32 and have a salt and pepper mane (more salt than pepper these days). 

Whether you’re in your twenties or seventies, if you don’t like your grays, there’s not much you can do besides coloring them. Or is there?

That’s what our team of beauty researchers and reviewers set out to find out. Are there natural ways to reverse your gray hair without dying it? It turns out there are!

Recently more brands are releasing shampoos that can help you reverse signs of gray hairs without the need to color it up. There’s plenty of science showing us WHY our hair grays, and now that we know we can reverse grays, we can find the perfect products to make it happen. 

But how do you know which ones work and which are duds? Well, we’re here to help! Let’s get started…


Effectiveness: 95%

Safety: 100%

Price: $

Overall: A+

Mane’s Gray Reverse Bar focuses on the natural causes of gray hair and stops them in their tracks. Mane says they use a “science-backed formula that stimulates melanocytes, the cells which determine color vibrancy in follicles, to return individual hair strands to their original color.” We learned about Mane when they offered us a FREE gift with the purchase of 2 Gray Reverse Bars. Since then, they’ve sold out of the Gray Reverse Bar every other week. The best part? It works on your head, beard, and even eyebrows. This is a must-buy!


Effectiveness: 80%

Safety: 100%

Price: $$$$

Overall Value: B+

Arey refers to their products as the “Wrinkle creams of hair products”. Clever. Their fancy bottling and list of products certainly give it a leg up for top spot. However, the shampoo itself didn’t deliver as strong results as we liked. It was effective, but Mane had them beat. Price-wise, it’s on the spendier side, but not the worst. We do like that Arey offers multiple products all aimed to help you with aging, brittle hair. 


Effectiveness: 80%

Safety: 85%

Price: $$

Overall Value: B+

Prose has been receiving a lot of buzz lately for offering custom beauty products to fit your exact needs. Your 10 minute quiz asks you everything from how often you wash your hair to your diet to the percentage of gray hair on your head. Based on your answers, they make a custom shampoo just for you. A great concept, unfortunately there’s not a big focus on reversing gray hair. While they do provide ingredients to help reverse gray hair, it’s not their main goal. 


Effectiveness: 75%

Safety: 80%

Price: $

Overall Value: C

Reminex is an affordable option, however not the most effective. We saw mixed results with the few reviewers that used it. However, we think if you need something slightly more affordable, it may be a good option. That said, Mane’s discount code puts it at a better price with better results. We’d recommend starting with Mane. 


Effectiveness: 75%

Safety: 70%

Price: $

Overall Value: C-

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. Just For Men has been around for many years helping men color their hair. Although the product was nice, its a little too chemical heavy, and feels like you’re coloring your hair. Reviews recommend to use gloves because it can stain your hands.

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