Peru denounces death threats against its diplomats in Mexico


The Peruvian government has requested security measures for diplomatic personnel in Mexico.

The Government of Peru denounced this Friday that several of its diplomatic officials in Mexico have received death threats and asked the Government of that country, with which it maintains a political and ideological confrontation, to grant security guarantees to its representatives.

“We condemn the threats received at the headquarters of the diplomatic mission of Peru in Mexico,” Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otárola wrote in a message posted on Twitter.

Otárola added that “the origin of these reprehensible acts must be investigated” and that the Peruvian government requests “guarantees for the life and safety” of its officials and administrative staff working in that country.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry detailed, in a subsequent statement, that during the night of last Wednesday the Peruvian business manager “received a death threat, through an anonymous message sent via WhatsApp to the emergency cell phone” of the General Consulate in the City of Mexico.

In a subsequent statement to journalists, Otárola stated that he had “listened to the recording” and that “the threats are serious,” for which reason he asked the Mexican government for “guarantees for the integrity, life” of the diplomats, “who are the charge of affaires, plus three diplomats at our embassy and as many diplomats at the Consulate of Peru”.

The prime minister recalled that diplomatic relations between the two countries are at the level of charge of affaires, but said that “this case is an issue that we do not want to ignore” because it is “a very threatening and intimidating recording.”

The reaction of the Peruvian authorities

The Foreign Ministry added, for its part, that after receiving the threats, “the Mexican Police were immediately notified and the corresponding complaint was filed with the Prosecutor’s Office of that country.”

A diplomatic note was also sent to the Mexican Foreign Ministry requesting that “the corresponding investigations be carried out and assurances and guarantees be provided” to Peruvian officials, for which “the Mexican authorities have reinforced security at the Embassy headquarters, the consular headquarters” and in the residence of the in Charge of Affaires.

The statement added that the Police Attaché Office of Peru in Mexico is “in permanent contact with the police authorities of that country, monitoring the case and the investigations” and that the work of the Embassy and the Consulate General in Mexico “continues to develop normally.”

The plenary session of the Peruvian Congress declared Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador persona non grata last Thursday for his repeated statements on internal affairs in Peru and the refusal to transfer the presidency of the Pacific Alliance to the Andean country.

The AMLO describes President Dina Boluarte as a “usurper” and considers that he should leave “the Presidency to the one who won in a free and democratic election, to Pedro Castillo”, who has been in prison since December 7 after being dismissed by the Peruvian Congress after attempting a coup.

López Obrador also reiterates that Mexico will not hand over the Presidency of the Pacific Alliance to Boluarte “because she is not legally and legitimately president of Peru.”

During this political and ideological confrontation, Peru announced at the end of last February the permanent retirement of its ambassador in Mexico and indicated that the bilateral relationship was limited to business managers.

Source: El Financiero