Adidas launches Concha bread-shaped tennis shoes


To pay homage to Mexican sweet bread, Adidas launched a limited edition Concha-shaped Superstar. The sale is about to end!

Without a doubt, the Concha is one of the most popular sweet breads among Mexicans. There are several varieties: those filled with cream, those with chocolate, those with vanilla, etc. But, had you imagined the possibility of wearing them as sneakers? Now it is a possibility, since Adidas released a new model of sneakers that resemble vanilla and chocolate Conchas.

Although they are actually called Superstar, in Mexico these tennis shoes have already been baptized as “Conchas”. It is a classic Adidas model that has undergone some changes without losing its essence: rounded toe with rubber relief that resembles a Concha bread. They also continue to have three stripes on the front.

With that same base model, Adidas decided to reinterpret the Concha in the Mexican style and joined the traditional stripes with other smaller ones and put velvet on the tennis lining, resulting in sneakers with the shape of the traditional bread.

This edition of Superstar will be limited, so if you want to get a pair of these sneakers, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. The launch has been very discreet, but the Conchas can now be purchased on the Adidas website and app for $2,399 Mexican pesos.

It should be noted, this is an official release, not a collaboration with a bakery or some intervention, so the sneakers have value for collectors. According to the German company, it seeks to pay homage to Conchas, the bread that is part of the daily diet of millions of Mexicans.

Source: Mexico Desconocido