Banks across Mexico will be closed on Monday, May 1st


Labor Day, which is celebrated on Monday, May 1st, is a day considered by the Federal Labor Law as a mandatory day off, therefore, in addition to the fact that most workers have activities, some services such as banks operate in a different way.

According to the Association of Banks of Mexico and the National Banking and Securities Commission, there are 11 holidays for which banks close their operations throughout the year, which they announced on November 28 of last year in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF).

May 1 is considered among the holidays in which banks and credit institutions “must close their doors and suspend operations,” according to the National Banking Commission. So, no banks on Monday.

If you need to carry out an operation at the bank, we recommend you go there on Friday, April 28, or Saturday, April 29, depending on whether the Institution in which you have a bank account opens or not on Saturdays.

After May 1, banks will operate without interruptions for holidays until Saturday, September 16, Independence Day in Mexico.

Source: OEM

The Mexico City Post