When and where will Telcel give away cell phones to older adults in Mexico? SO YOU CAN GET YOURS


Here we tell you which days and where the Festival of the Elderly 2023 organized by the Telmex Telcel Foundation will take place.

The Festival of the Elderly 2023 is the event in which the mobile phone company Telcel will donate cell phones and provide training for their use to older adults with the aim of reducing the digital gap in this population; Here we tell you all the details of this.

It is an inclusive event for adults aged 50 and over who wish to have a “learning, cultural, entertainment and fun experience”, where they will find a wide range of products and services that will provide them with new tools to live better.

When is the Senior Adult Festival?

The Festival of the Elderly that will bring together the best products and services together with an attractive entertainment program will take place on April 14, 15 and 16, 2023.

Where will the Festival of the Elderly 2023 be?

This event will take place in the Mayas 1, 2 and 3 rooms within the World Trade Center International Exhibition and Convention Center, in Mexico City.

Free cell phone delivery

Telcel will donate cell phones and provide training to 1,000 seniors in Mexico, according to Sergio Pathger, social responsibility manager at the telecommunications firm.

This, as part of the program to reduce the digital divide among older adults called Reconectados (re-conected), which intends to digitize them through training and giving them a smartphone.

“Telcel, as a technology company, set out to help a little with tools, providing training and donating equipment to senior citizens,” he explained.

Source: Milenio