They got scared, foreigners are already trying to speak Spanish on the streets of CDMX


After the viralization of a video, some Americans residing in the capital are already making an effort to leave English

Mexico City is one of the most important capitals in the world, which is why some foreigners decide to reside in CDMX and enjoy the positive aspects of the metropolis. Unfortunately, many city dwellers claim that this generates a gentrification problem: “urban and social rehabilitation of a depressed or deteriorated area” that causes rent increases and other modifications.

In recent days, the discussion that a compatriot had with an American, who was walking her dogs without a leash, began to go viral in a great way. When she confronted her, the foreigner told her that she did not understand her, an event that bothered the Mexican: “If you are in Mexico, you have to speak Spanish or go back to your country,” are the words the young woman said.


#stitch with @Dulcemelodia Cantu 🇲🇽 yo creo que vieron el video jajajajajaja o se corrio la voz entre extranjeros

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So far, the recording already has more than three million views on TikTok, however, other users have taken it upon themselves to share the clip in various ways.

After the popularization of the “confrontation”, Ruth, who is a young woman who works in the Condesa neighborhood, noticed that foreigners already make an effort to speak Spanish. According to the employee, 80 percent of the conversations used to be in English, but after the fight became popular, Americans are already trying to speak their native language.

“The power of the Carmens against the Karens”, “The Carmens are going to save us from gentrification”, “The lady caused a revolution with just one sentence”, or “Very good, now we demand the payment of taxes and the purchase limitation of properties”, are some of the comments that various Internet users placed in the publication.

Source: Publimetro