Visit the Ex-Convent of San Francisco Javier in Tepotzotlan, State of Mexico (VIDEO)


Tepotzotlan is located just outside Mexico City, making it an accessible destination if you live in the capital. A particular time to visit is during the Christmas season due to its famous Pastorelas that have been held for more than 50 years.

Tepotzotlan is home to the Ex-Convent of San Francisco Javier, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The complex consists of the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, the temple of San Francisco with its beautiful baroque façade, and the Convent Inn where the Pastorelas take place.

The plays tell the classic story of the little shepherds who go to Bethlehem to meet the Child God, and on the way, the Greatest Devil and his demons try to stop them, all these mixing indigenous, Spanish, and Mexican traditions.

Not to be missed:

– At the end of the Pastorela, enjoy a delicious punch, buñuelos, and antojitos while you mingle with the cast. During the day, stroll through the town enjoying its markets, craft stores, and views of the 62-meter-high Aqueduct de Sitio.

Source: Youtube

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