Do you use the fog lights? This is what the traffic regulations say about it


Use of front or rear fog lights should be limited to weather conditions that limit visibility

Fog lights are usually associated with the equipped versions of a car, as they provide an extra in terms of design. But its purpose goes beyond that, since its objective is to illuminate the floor when there is fog, heavy rain, snow, or some other adverse weather condition.

In addition, it is common for European cars to also add a rear fog light, which is brighter than the brake light to be visible to other cars in such conditions.

You could be ticketed for using your fog lights.

It can be said, in general terms, that Mexico is a country that enjoys good weather throughout the year. However, there are areas and times where there is fog or storms that make driving dangerous and complex.

In these cases, the use of fog lights should be limited, which are the front ones positioned in the lower part of the bumper, as well as the rear fog light the way they were created, the illumination angle and intensity dazzle other drivers when used under normal conditions.

The Traffic Regulations of Mexico City, in article 38, section II, subsection “J” prohibits the use of fog lights (front and/or rear) when there is no reason for it. Otherwise, they could be penalized.

The fine for violating this aspect is 5, 7 or 10 Measurement and Update Units (UMA), which translated into money is equivalent to $518.70, $726.18 or $1,037.40 pesos. Remember that the UMA is established at $103.74 pesos.

Although many drivers decide to turn on this type of support lighting at night, we invite you to limit its use when it is really necessary, since the position in which the beam of light is projected is annoying both for drivers in the opposite direction and from the mirror reflection.

Source: El Universal