46 bags with human remains found in Tenango del Valle, State of Mexico

Tenango del Valle, Estado de Mexico

TOLUCA, ESTADO DE MEXICO.- The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) found so far 46 bags with human remains that correspond to 20 corpses that were in a clandestine grave inside a property in Tenango del Valle that was used as a party room. The searches continued after the capture of Jaime N, alias El Pozolero, leader of a cell of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel that would be responsible for burying the bags.

The arrest of El Pozolero last Friday, along with eight other people, managed to lead the authorities to establish his alleged relationship with homicides that occurred in the Toluca Valley and in the southern region of the State of Mexico, for which the agent of the Public Ministry requested the judicial authority to issue search warrants for properties identified as places of criminal activity.

Jaime Luis N, El Pozolero, originally from Oaxaca, was arrested and accused of kidnapping, since on August 8, along with five accomplices, he participated in the abduction of a woman in Tenancingo who was mutilated.

The victim was released and those involved in the incident were arrested, and firearms and vehicles were seized.

Source: OEM

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