favorite destinations for remote work; 2 are in Mexico


Remote work increased during the pandemic. 

Holding a job, no matter where you live, sounds good, doesn’t it? It is one of the benefits of digital nomads, people who use technology, such as the internet, to develop their occupation or sell their knowledge remotely, which allows them to travel

It was the COVID-19 pandemic that positioned remote work, as well as the home office, which had an increase, because it offered the possibility of working remotely, and safely; at the same time, it meant an increase in tourists in certain areas of the world

If you are one of the people who saw remote work as an option to perform better or you are heading down that route, here are the 20 favorite destinations for that purpose, which have favorable measures for it; two on the list are in Mexico. 

  1. Baja California Sur, Mexico
  2. Bali, Indonesia 
  3. Brindisi, Puglia, Italy 
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina 
  5. Cape Town, South Africa 
  6. Colombia 
  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  8. Caribbean 
  9. Canary islands spain 
  10. rural francia 
  11. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 
  12. Lisbon, Portugal  
  13. Malta 
  14. Mexico City, Mexico 
  15. Palm Springs, California, United States 
  16. Queensland, Australia 
  17. Salzkammergut, Austria 
  18. Tampa Bay, Florida, United States 
  19. Thailand 
  20. Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States 

CDMX and BCS promote destinations for digital nomads  

Both the governments of Mexico City and Baja California Sur have established agreements to promote campaigns to encourage the arrival of digital nomads, as well as meet requirements that this sector of the population requests, such as good internet connectivity. 

In CDMX alone, they hope to attract at least 77,500 people, who have an average expenditure of 1,510 dollars per month, which would generate a spill for the city that would range from 1,400 million to 3,720 million dollars. year. 

Mexico Daily Post