On Monday Oct 3 the Mexico-Querétaro Highway will be closed, these are the alternative routes


The closure will be indefinitely and will begin on Monday, October 3, for which the authorities recommended alternatives.

Federal Revenue and Related Services Roads and Bridges ( CAPUFE ) announced the closure of the Mexico-Querétaro Highway for work to be carried out by the authorities.

According to the statement they shared on their social networks, these actions will be carried out on the bridge at kilometer 92 of the highway towards Querétaro, so the closure will be total from kilometer 89 to 91.

Said cut will begin at 6:30 a.m., according to CAPUFE, so there will be a period of three hours to release the vehicles accumulated in the area.

Given this closure, the authorities recommended the following alternate exit routes:

– Exit at kilometer 84 towards the municipality of Jilotpec and rejoin at kilometer 93 located in the San Francisco Soyaniquilpan neighborhood.

– Exit at kilometer 84 towards the municipality of Jilotepec and rejoin at kilometer 107 in the Calpulalpan neighborhood.

Photo: @revistatyt

– Exit at kilometer 84 towards the municipality of Jilotepec and rejoin at kilometer 93 in the town of El Cuervo, lateral to the Mexico-Querétaro highway section.

Finally, they recommended driving with caution and respecting speed limits when driving through the area.

The notice caused some outrage in several users of social networks, who commented that it is the highway that is always closed for maintenance work. They also asked CAPUFE the date on which the bridge would reopen since it was not specified in the statement.

Given this, the authorities did not give a definite date on the reopening of the section and only responded to users that the closure would depend on the necessary work and that any news would be made known by their networks and through 074.

Blocking due to disappearances

Similarly, in recent days there was a blockade on the highway that left hundreds of drivers barred for more than 3 hours, but this was not caused by the work of the authorities.

(photo: Twitter)

Since a contingent of protesters blocked the highway at the height of the State of Mexico to demand the appearance of the 24-year-old girl, Teresa de Jesús Saavedra Rodríguez, who disappeared on September 16.

The protesters, with banners in hand, blocked both lanes at kilometer 59 and at the Plaza der Cobro Jorobas exit and demanded the presence of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, José Luis Cervantes, to free the road.

For this reason, numerous users expressed their disagreements on social networks and uploaded images and videos about the blockade that left them stranded for more than three hours.

Given the lack of responses from the authorities, the blockade, which began around 12 noon, lasted until 4:25 p.m., when the authorities reported the release of the road and the continuation of traffic.

The 24-year-old woman was last seen in the streets of the Pueblo San Miguel Jagueyes neighborhood in the municipality of Huehuetoca, State of Mexico.

After the demonstration and the registered blockade, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGEM) assured that they continue to carry out various acts of search to locate the missing young woman.

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