Photo viralized of an alleged dog’s head in a CDMX taqueria


Through social networks, a photograph taken in a taqueria in Mexico City went viral, where you can see what appears to be the head of a dog on top of the trunk to chop the meat, something that has caused controversy due to the dubious origin of the image. meat.  

According to the user, the image was obtained after going to eat at a well-known taqueria that sells tacos at 3 for 5 pesos. 

But after finishing eating, he was struck by the fact that the head of beef with which they made the tacos had a great resemblance to the head of a dog, since it had a nose and snout, so he decided to take a photo of what was in front of him. the. However, the man who took the photo withheld the name and location of the taqueria. 


Men arrested for selling dog meat to taquerias  

On April 27, a judge in the State of Mexico decided to link Jorge and Julio César, two alleged butchers accused by neighbors of killing dogs to sell meat to taquerias, to the process for the crime of animal abuse.

Authorities of the Mexiquense Prosecutor’s Office reported that they obtained a link to the process against two investigated, 60 and 62 years of age, for the criminal act of animal abuse that occurred in the municipality of Tultitlán.


Neighbors alerted the authorities about the killing of dogs for the sale of tacos 

The foul odor from the slaughter of dogs “forced us to request the presence of the police and the owner of the property,” said residents of the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood, who a few days ago blocked López Portillo Avenue to request the support of state authorities. and municipal. 

At the address located on Sostenes Rocha street in the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood in the Lechería area, in Tultitlán, when the owner entered the place called by the neighbors, he allowed the dissatisfied settlers to document what was on the property that was occupied by at least two men whom he asked to vacate his property. 

In the patio of the house, there was a butcher’s trunk,  bones and skulls of dogs and even skins inside buckets, as well as blood spilled on cardboard and on the floor, which the neighbors documented on videos while they tried to cover their noses with their masks and his clothes, because of the intensity of the plague. 
Activists from “Mundo Patitas” affirmed that days before the arrest they followed one of the men from Tultitlán to a taqueria outside the Tacuba Metro, where they delivered a sack, presumably with dog meat.



The Mexico City Post