Japanese visits Mexican Pulquería and reaction goes viral


Her name is Hikari Luz, a tiktoker who recently shared her experience drinking pulque in Mexico, a drink that she says is her favorite.

  • A Japanese tiktoker visits a Mexican pulquería and her reaction conquers Internet users.
  • In terms of viralization, TikTok is the leading social network in the field.
  • The case of the Japanese tiktoker is reminiscent of Chingu Amiga, a Korean who has gone viral with her content.

Through TikTok, a Japanese woman shares her experience visiting a Mexican pulqueria and her reaction, as expected, has already gone viral on the network.

If we talk about viralization, TikTok is the leading social network in this area, because, for a couple of years, the platform developed by ByteDance, in addition to already exceeding one billion monthly active users, has gained great popularity among the new generations.

Today, compared to what happened in 2019 and even before the arrival of the pandemic, we talk about the Chinese social network being an extremely powerful tool for content creators and, consequently, for companies when designing their content. strategies in order to capture the attention of a new consumer niche.

And we cannot deny that we live in an era dominated by what happens on social networks and these, in turn, have become an important work tool.

It is clear that, in terms of social media and content, there is something for everyone; while there are creators who are specifically dedicated to working with brands, there are others who simply use any platform at their disposal to tell a story.

Japanese woman visits Mexican pulquería and video on TikTok shows her experience

The latter is the case of a Japanese tiktoker who calls herself Hikari Luz, who, as part of her line of content, recounts part of her experiences living in Mexico, something similar to what happens with the Korean tiktoker “Chingu Amiga”.

Recently, Hikari Luz began to go viral after she shared her experience visiting the establishment of La Paloma Azul , a pulqueria located in Colonia Portales Nte.

In Mexico, practically throughout the entire Mexican Republic, it is customary to consume pulque, although Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Morelos and Michoacán are the regions with the highest level of consumption.

According to what the Japanese tiktoker mentions, pulque is her favorite alcoholic drink and, in fact, she assures that it already has her favorite flavors. This is how he relates it in a video that, it should be noted, already has more than 500 thousand reproductions and a very positive reaction from Internet users.

@hikari_luz_guadalupe #mexico #fypシ #japonesa #japon #naruto #bluebird ♬ Blue Bird – Ikimonogakari

This type of content, for some reason, usually generates positive reactions among users. Proof of this can be seen in the case of the Korean Chingu Amiga, who, only on TikTok, has a follower base of 18 million and more than 700 million likes collected among all her videos.

Chingu Amiga went viral a while ago and, since then, we have been talking about one of the most recognized content creators who, in addition, already works for some brands.

@chinguamiga En mexico llega 👮‍♀️ pero modo 😏?😂😂#corea #mexico #chinguamiga ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Chingu Amiga

In addition to social networks, we live in a context in which the profession of Content Creator is part of the radar of the new generations and, in general, of the young population.

This is how the Morning Consult firm makes it known, which reveals in one of its most recent reports that, in Latin America, 86 percent of people between 13 and 38 years of age have in mind becoming creators of time content complete.

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