Hundreds of cyclists ride the streets of CDMX and Guadalajara naked


Cyclists intend to encourage the use of alternative means of transport and demand a greater culture of coexistence towards cyclists and pedestrians.

With the aim of making motorists and pedestrians aware of respect for cyclists, hundreds of people participated in a naked ride through the streets of Mexico City and Guadalajara.

In the case of the capital, it was the fifteenth edition of this ride. The cyclists left the Monument to the Revolution around 12 o’clock in the direction of the capital’s Zócalo and Paseo de la Reforma.

Under the organization of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) collective, the eleventh edition of the nudist ride was held in Guadalajara, with a tour that began in Clemente Orozco Park and ended in the Glorieta de Los Desaparecidos.

It is an international initiative, which was carried out in several cities around the world such as London in the United Kingdom, and Vancouver in Canada, among other locations.

Under the slogans “Now you can see me” and “Naked before the traffic”, the cyclists demanded that their right to circulate in the city be respected, after the deaths caused by the recklessness of some motorists.

In addition, they demanded security conditions and adequate infrastructure to carry out their tours on a daily basis.

According to figures from civil organizations, in 2021 27 cyclists died in Mexico City due to traffic accidents. This year, they pointed out that at least four people have died from this cause.

In social networks, the convening organizations detailed that the demonstration is “for the purpose of protesting and raising awareness of the over-dependence on oil, the indiscriminate use of the automobile that is a producer of pollution and wars, traffic congestion and serious ecological damage.”

“We want to promote the use of alternative means of transportation, as well as to demand a greater culture of coexistence towards cyclists and pedestrians, because that is how we feel: Naked before traffic!”, they pointed out.

Mexico Daily Post