Couple nearly crushed by a falling tree in Mexico City (VIDEO)

The couple crossed the street just seconds before the tree fell right where they were standing (Photo: Twitter)

On Sunday, May 22nd, a couple who was walking the streets of the Juárez neighborhood, in Mexico City, was nearly crushed by a falling tree. The event was captured on video, and it quickly went viral on social media.

According to the recording released by the Twitter user @Davidelvaca, the strong gusts of wind caused the couple to run for cover when they realized that the tree was about to fall on top of them.

In the video, it can be seen how the collapse of the tree trunk caused serious damage to a couple of vehicles parked in the area.

“This happened in Colonia Juárez, on Lisboa Street on the corner with Roma Street,” the tweet said.

The wind gusts recorded in the Mexican capital also caused the fall of a billboard and another tree approximately 25 meters high.

The other incident involving a fallen tree took place on the corner of Doctor Lucio with Martínez del Río streets.

Source: OEM

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